Porsche Proves That Texting While Driving Is Extremely Hard

Even for an Ex-Formula One driver.

Everyone with a driver’s license knows that texting anddriving is a horrendous idea and illegal in some states. However, thousands of drivers still think thatthey’re some type of driving God and text while driving. To prove that even thebest drivers in the world struggle doing these two things at the same time, Porsche put current Porsche Works Driver and Ex-Formula One driver Mark Webber into a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup with a cell phone. The results may be alittle dramatic, but it could be a lot worse when driving a car that’s not on aclosed course.

If Webber can’t text and drive, then you probably can't either. Now enjoy the glorious sound the of 911 GT3 Coupe below and watch it get some air.

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