Porsche Publicity Campaign Let's People See What it Feels Like to Pull Up in a Macan, Sort Of

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Assuming the Macan still smells like your beat up Hyundai.

While some automotive manufacturers might be able to get you to buy their products for practical or cost-related reasons, this isn't exactly a usable tactic for Porsche. You buy a Porsche because you want the experience of owning one, be that the driving experience or just feeling cool when you pull up to the valet at the mall (areas where malls have valets are the ones where people buy Porsches). So the German carmaker decided to give people a little taste of that.

A "mirror" was set up that would turn every car that pulled into the valet area of a mall in L.A. into a Macan. It's not the absolute most realistic effect ever achieved, but it probably got the point across.

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