Porsche Pulls Plug on Entry-Level 718 Baby Boxster

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Development has stopped on entry-level roadster as Boxster now deemed "perfect entry point."

It was meant to arrive in 2016, but the Porsche 718 'baby Boxster' project is now officially off the table. The news comes from the carmaker's head of research and development, Wolfgang Hatz, who told Autocar: "The project is stopped. We have a very good entry point to the range with the Boxster, and we see no reason to go below that. Porsche should remain exclusive, and you cannot chase volume when you are such a brand. The Boxster is our perfect entry point - we have already set the right entry level."

The 718 was expected to be built on the Boxster's platform with the same wheelbase and shorter body. Unique body panels would create a modern-day interpretation of the 550 Spyder, according to initial reports. But now the baby Porsche will simply be consigned to the "what could have been" chapter of the history books. Power would have come exclusively from a new family of boxer four engines, which will be rolled out on the facelifted Boxster and Cayman next year.

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Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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