Le Mans 24 Hours

Porsche Pushing Patrick Dempsey for Le Mans

The TV doctor is returning to Le Mans and Porsche is ready to give him a big welcome.

Dr. Derek Sheppard has millions of fans around the world, probably none of them reading CarBuzz. Our fans are more likely to know him as Patrick Dempsey, the respected race car driver. Now in his 8th season, Dempsey is returning to Le Mans with Porsche after racing a Ferrari F430 GT there in 2009, placing 9th in the GT2 class. For Porsche’s part they have provided a motivating promotional video to welcome the small screen star.

Dempsey may be finishing up his tenure on Grey's Anatomy, but Porsche has no problem making space for the popular actor and ever-improving racer in its growing family.

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