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Porsche Recalls Panamera For The Second Time This Month

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This time the issue involves the steering.

Just a few days ago, Porsche announced a recall for the Panamera, specifically the hybrid models. The issue involved the front brake lines, which could potentially corrode over time. Fortunately, the recall only affected 112 vehicles in the US and Porsche was able to get ahead of the issue quickly. However, just as one problem is solved, another arises. The German automaker has announced its second recall this month for the current generation Panamera and this one affects more than 112 cars.

In total, 74,585 vehicles are affected worldwide, specifically Panaermas that were produced between 21 March 2016 and 6 December 2018. Unlike the previous recall, this one impacts more than just Panamera hybrid. For this recall, Porsche will reprogram the control unit on the cars' electric power steering. The current program has a software error, which could cause a temporary loss in power steering. If this issue occurs, the Panamera can still be steered, though it will require a lot more force. While this may not seem like a massive issue, a loss of power steering is a potentially dangerous issue which needs to be fixed.

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Porsche has already developed an updated data record as a precautionary measure, which will be installed at dealerships as part of the recall. Customers who are affected by the recall will be notified in writing and asked to bring their car into a local Porsche service center where repairs will be carried out free-of-charge and take around an hour to complete.