Porsche Reclaims Nurburgring Record With Taycan Turbo S

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Your move, Tesla.

Porsche and Tesla have been duking it out on the Nurburgring since the German brand sent a pre-production Taycan around the Green Hell for the first time. Porsche claimed the official EV record with a time of seven minutes and 42 seconds.

Elon Musk could not let this record stand and sent two Model S prototypes to the Ring to steal Porsche's record. While rumors suggested that the Model S was 20 seconds faster, it was never confirmed by a third party.

Tesla eventually claimed the record with the Model S Plaid. It set a time of 7:30.909 for the 12.8-mile configuration and 7:35.579 for the 12.94-mile version.

We always knew the Taycan could do better, as Porsche later revealed that its original record was set by the Taycan Turbo and not the Taycan Turbo S.


We like to think Porsche was leaving a bit on the table, having more experience with Nurburgring lap records than most. Ze Germans most likely knew that setting a record was like chucking a giant bucket of chum in the water, and Tesla took the bait.

Now it has returned with the 2023 Taycan Turbo S equipped with an all-new performance kit, which will be available to customers. The Taycan was also equipped with the required roll cage and racing seats. Porsche even ensured that the car weighed exactly the same as the standard car. A notary was on hand to verify the new record time on the 12.94-mile circuit, while TUV Rheinland confirmed that the record-breaking road car was a standard production model.

Porsche development driver Lars Kern took just 7:33.350 to complete the lap, besting the Model S Plaid by more than two seconds. "In the past, only thoroughbred super sports cars got into the 7:33 range," said Kern. "With the new performance kit, I was able to push even harder, and the car was even more precise and agile to boot."

The Performance Kit is available only in Germany on 2023 Taycan Turbo S models. Production of the 2023 model started late last month, though the kit will only be available later in the year. Porsche will retrofit it for customers who want their cars earlier.

The kit includes 21-inch RS-Spyder-design wheels with road-approved Pirelli P Zero Corsa sports tires. It also consists of a software update to the 4D Chassis Control system that synchronizes all the chassis systems of the Taycan in real-time.

Your move, Elon.


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