Porsche Releases Video Congratulating Audi On It's Le Mans Win

Is it just us, or did they hire Spottswoode from Team America to narrate?

Racing buffs everywhere, especially Porsche fanatics, were anxiously awaiting the German automaker's return to Le Mans this year. Sadly when the checkered flag dropped, it hadn't had quite the performance hoped for. There is no doubt that Porsche had a shot, as the number 20 car - a 919 hybrid - had an amazing run until retiring due to technical problems at the 22 hour point.

Despite the loss, Stuttgart has decided to put together a video summarizing how it felt about the race. Much of the video is about the power of overcoming challenges and learning from them. However, in the middle of what appears to be a pep talk for the team, Porsche takes a moment to congratulate Audi on their win.

Audi is considered by many to be Porsche's main rival, and this video demonstrates what true sportsmanship is all about. Before the race, Audi had created a welcome back video for Porsche, which caused quite a stir online. This sort of respect and competition is what makes racing great.

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