Porsche Reveals Its Top 5 Greatest Spoilers And Rear Wings

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The two goals? Improve aerodynamics and increase downforce.

For the past few weeks Porsche has been releasing its own Top 5 videos, including the 5 rarest Porsches ever built. For Porschephiles, this type of stuff is literally sacred. As for everyone else who doesn't have quite that level of Porsche enthusiasm, it's all still good interesting information to know. And now Porsche has revealed yet another Top 5, this time focusing on the best spoilers and rear wings it's ever built. Those Porschephiles are salivating about right now.

Anyway, the two main goals Porsche has had for these over many years are to improve aerodynamics and to increase downforce. While the materials and construction methods have definitely changed, the overall concept has not; the laws of physics are what they are.

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But Porsche still does its darnedest to make physics work in its favor; it built a massive wind tunnel with a blower output of 9,000 hp in Weissach that can simulate extreme conditions for every one of its new models, as well as their rear wings. So which are the Top 5 best spoiler and rear wing designs on Porsches? You're about to find out. And yes, a few of these Porsches are already icons.

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