Porsche Reveals Only Its Top 4 Most Memorable Exclusive 911s Of All Time


Number one remains a secret for now.

Porsche has been producing several ‘Top 5’ videos lately, and we dig them. It’s an automaker with a long history and it’s created many icons along the way. Too many to count, honestly. Today, Porsche is back to celebrate its top four most memorable exclusive models of all time. Why not five? How come four? Because it’ll reveal its number one most exclusive model sometime this year. It’s covered by a sheet in this latest video, and we admit it’s hard to tell what’s underneath it. It looks a bit taller than a 911, but who knows.

In any case, the top four exclusive Porsches are – not surprisingly – all 911s. What interesting is that, for the most part, they’re all fairly modern. None of them pre-date 1992, which makes sense because Porsche Exclusive got underway in ’86.

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Before then, 911s really weren’t considered to be luxury, but rather purist sports cars. So which are the top four most memorable exclusive 911s? Here’s the list, in descending order: 2012 911 Club Coupe, 2011 911 Speedster, 2009 911 Sport Classic, and the 1992 911 Turbo S.