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Porsche Reveals Stunning New Retro Liveries

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And they look fantastic on the GT2 RS-inspired 935.

Last year, Porsche announced it was reviving the legendary 935/78 "Moby Dick" Le Mans racer as a limited-edition track weapon based on the GT2 RS. Production is limited to just 77 examples and customer deliveries are due to commence next month. If you were one of the lucky few that managed to secure one, Porsche has announced you'll be able to have your 935 finished in one of seven retro-inspired racing liveries, and they all look stunning.

The seven new liveries were created by a design team together with Grant Larson to provide "a new interpretation of a bygone motorsport era."

"We have reinterpreted the various racing eras of the 935 using computer design programs, initially orientating ourselves geometrically on the design of the Martini racing version," Larson explained. However, we had to recreate all graphical data using virtual reality and finally apply it to the outer skin of the 935. That was very exciting in itself."

Originally, the 935 was going to be available in Agate Grey with an optional Martini livery. In addition, buyers can now have their 935 finished in a blue and orange Gulf livery harking back to the 917s John Wyer ran in the early 70s, Momo red and yellow in homage to the 935's Group 5 days, or Sachs white red and blue inspired by the 935 that won the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1980.

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Other designs include Vaillant's turquoise livery that adorned Kremer's 935 that took on the Nurburgring, a red and white Salzburg livery that pays tribute to Porsche's first Le Mans-winning 917 car, a sleek black Interscope livery inspired by the 935 that won the 1981 24 Hours of Daytona, and the striking black and gold John Player Special livery.

"We can hardly wait to see the new 935 on race tracks around the world. Every single livery is very exciting and matches this unique Porsche perfectly like a tailor-made outfit," said Larson. Which retro-inspired livery would you choose?