Porsche Revives Awesome Top 5 Series With Special Guest

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The star of one of the best movies of the year will join Porsche for this new series.

Porsche has a very storied history, which is why the company decided to create its very own top 5 series to remind everyone of that fact. In this series, Porsche covered everything from its rarest models and greatest concept cars to greatest wings and spoilers. We were big fans of the series, because it meant that we could see some of the rarest and most beautiful Porsche models on video. Luckily, the Porsche top 5 series will return for a second season and we have our first trailer of what we can expect to see.

The trailer is just under a minute long, but in it we get to some incredible Porsche models. The eight episode series is set to resume on February 13 with the top 5 features of the 918 Spyder. The first episode will also have a very special guest star.

Car enthusiasts may recognize the first guest, Ansel Elgort, from the movie Baby Driver. Baby Driver was one of the best movies of the year for car enthusiasts thanks to its realistic driving sequences. We know that Elgort didn't do the driving in the movie, but we are sure that the 918 will impress the actor more than the Subaru WRX from the movie.

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