Porsche's Amazing 911 Happy B-day Symphony

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There's nothing like the sound of the Porsche flat-six engine.

Porsche hasn't been in the least bit shy in celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic 911. Few cars have managed to remain consistently on the market for that length of time, so all of the festivities are very much deserved. And now Porsche has released yet another display of appreciation for the 911 with this new video symphony. Or rather, it's a harmonic symphony of the 911's flat-six engine shown over the course of seven generations.

Along with its teardrop silhouette, the other distinctive 911 trait is its engine note, something enthusiasts can easily point out without even having to see the car drive by; it's that unique. So without further ado, it's time for the debut of the official Porsche 911 engine symphony.

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