Porsche's Classic Restoration Shop: It's About Keeping Cars on the Road

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There is no substitute for top quality restorations.

Consider this: You're the owner of a classic Porsche (pick your dream model) and after several years and many miles of driving it, it's in dire need of major work. While you've been able to mechanically maintain most of it over the years, the amount and type of work now needed is beyond what your local mechanic can do. The friendly neighborhood Porsche dealership is even nervous to touch such an old car. Turns out, Porsche has a special workshop in Stuttgart, Germany that's solely dedicated to this issue.

There are specialists for 959s, classic 911s, 356s, and everything else in between. Along with complete restorations, they also handle repairs using original parts that many owners thought were long out of production.

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The workshop is so committed to their work that the current management even keeps in regular touch with retired workers who've retained the mechanical and technical knowledge that may not be found in manuals (or in younger employees). All told, they work on some 300 cars a year. Check out this latest video from Drive who had the chance to tour the facility and speak to the managers who are also very passionate about their work.

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