Porsche's Design Boss Talks Cayman

It's not easy to design cars for Porsche, but thankfully there are good and creative people on it.

Designing sports cars for Porsche is kind of a tightrope walk. A fair amount of leeway is given to those penning the company’s SUVs or the Panamera, but the pure sports models need to be just so. The strict adherence to heritage which the purists demand makes it difficult to create a car which still looks new. With the second-gen Cayman (Type 981) still very much a new car, Porsche has put out a video of Tony Hatter, Porsche Design Manager for Sports Cars, talking about it.

Hatter talks a bit about his job, and then about some of the more important new elements of the car. He also makes mention of the importance of the old 904 in the design. Now see the comment section for an endless stream of Jeremy Clarkson quotes.

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