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Porsche’s Fast Charging Network Comes Alive

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Will arrive next year.

Porsche plans to have at least 500 fast chargers operational at dealership and roadside locations across the US by the end of 2019. The company aims to have the first wave of its charging infrastructure installed by the time the Mission E begins reaching dealerships next year. From there, demand on the network will only increase as the Mission E Cross Turismo is expected to follow in 2020. Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America, says the 800-volt fast chargers will help alleviate any range anxiety potential Porsche EV buyers may feel.

If you want to buy that car, you want to know what happens if I go skiing and go further than 300 miles," Zellmer told Automotive News. "What do I do? So we need to have answers for that." Zellmer referred to range anxiety as a mere psychological barrier, saying 80 to 90 percent of EV owners will charge them at home or work. However, he acknowledged that a cross-country fast-charging network is necessary for those "unlikely instances" when customers will exceed the vehicles' 300-mile-plus driving range. In true Porsche fashion EV owners will need to pay for use of the fast chargers, which the company says will replenish 80 percent of the battery's capacity in 20 minutes.

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It's too early to talk about how exactly that payment process for customers will work. There are various opportunities. You could buy a package all included for the car. It could be a membership card that you use. We're not quite there yet." Porsche's 189 US dealers are being asked to install at least one fast charger along with a battery buffer which stores electricity from the grid. The buffer can fast charge three cars in a row. The company has also spent more than $1 million to install six fast chargers hooked directly to the grid at its US headquarters in Atlanta.