Porsche's Future Will Consist Of (911) Plug-In Hybrids But Not EVs

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The writing is already on the wall.

So far there is the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne plug-in hybrids. Both are selling well and gaining in popularity. We've also learned that pure electric vehicles aren't in Porsche's immediate future because the technology, in its opinion, just isn't there yet. But the plan to expand its plug-in hybrid lineup is already in motion. In a recent interview with Auto News Europe, Porsche global sales and marketing chief, Bernhard Maier, acknowledged outright that he's a true believer in this technology.


He also wants his employer's cars to one day be emissions free. Yes, all of them, 911 included. Bottom line: a plug-in hybrid 911 is nearly certain within the next few years. Thanks to solid sales of the Panamera and Cayenne plug-ins, Maier and crew believe the time will soon be right to transplant this technology to the carmaker's most iconic model. Need further proof? The 918 Spyder. It shows that Porsche can get away with a plug-in hybrid sports car.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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