Porsche's In-Depth Video Gives You A Close Up Look Into The New 911

So that you can stop hating on the vehicle.

We’re surePorsche’s been getting a lot of hate mail recently in regard to its new 911. Alot of enthusiasts are upset about the change to a twin-turbo 3.0-literflat-six power plant, but the changes had to be made in the name of fuelefficiency. So Porsche’s trying to make the best out of an inevitablesituation. When you take a look back at the entire package, not a lothas changed. Sure, the turbocharged engine is a little muted, but it’s up onpower. Isn’t that a fair trade off? With this new video, we get a look at the latest changes from the German brand.

It probably won’t win die-hard 911 fansover, but it’s cool to look at nonetheless.

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