Porsche's In-Depth Video Gives You A Close Up Look Into The New 911

So that you can stop hating on the vehicle.

We’re sure Porsche’s been getting a lot of hate mail recently in regard to its new 911. A lot of enthusiasts are upset about the change to a twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat-six power plant, but the changes had to be made in the name of fuel efficiency. So Porsche’s trying to make the best out of an inevitable situation. When you take a look back at the entire package, not a lot has changed. Sure, the turbocharged engine is a little muted, but it’s up on power. Isn’t that a fair trade off? With this new video, we get a look at the latest changes from the German brand.

It probably won’t win die-hard 911 fans over, but it’s cool to look at nonetheless.

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