Porsche's Mission E Electric Sports Car Will Save The World And Trounce Tesla


Model S, you've been warned.

Porsche has just revealed the future of its sports cars in the form of the Mission E, an all-electric sports car concept. The Mission E is a four-door, four-wheel drive vehicle that has over 600 hp and can get to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. That's a serious Tesla-fighter if we ever saw one, folks. The electric sports car is expected to have a range of 312 miles on one charge, which means that you can silently strike terror into the hearts of other drivers on the road without having to worry about getting stranded.


Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz, speaking to Top Gear, made it clear just how important this concept is. "With this car we intend to start a new era with Porsche, similar to the 911 fifty years ago." That's a bold claim but we believe Porsche can back it up. "This is more than a show car, it's a concept car that we can realize," stated Hatz. "To put it into production we'll need three to three-and-a-half years." Besides having blistering performance, the Mission E will get an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes thanks to an 800-volt charging port. In terms of size, the Mission E is as tall as the 911, a tad bit longer and slightly wider. It may be a four-door like the Panamera, but Porsche claims that the electric sports car is more of a 911.

The Mission E's design is more classic Porsche, but rear-hinged rear doors, 3D headlamps, a pinstripe taillight and a clamshell hood give it a modern look. Aerodynamics also played a role in the concept's design, with large breather vents behind the front arches to help funnel air from the carbon-fiber wheels. The design may not be that futuristic, but the interior sure is. Everything on the concept is future-forward, including its holographic display controlled by hand gestures, a curved five-dial digital instrument panel and a camera that can see what dial you're looking at and highlight it for easier visibility. There's no word on how much the Mission E will cost, but it shouldn't be in hypercar territory.

Source Credits: www.topgear.com

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