Porsche’s Near Future Lineup Comes to Light


Think the Panamera and Cayenne were sacrilegious? They're only the beginning.

Now that Porsche has launched their all-new 911 flagship, the German automaker is quickly moving on to other models. In a new report coming from Automobile Magazine, Porsche plans on having its entire lineup revamped by 2016-17. In addition to the just launched 2013 Boxster, a new Cayman is due next year. Like the Boxster, it will be a major improvement in both interior and exterior styling over its predecessor. It will also offer the same engine and transmission options as the Boxster.

Pricing will start at around $53,000 for the base model. Also due out in 2013 will be the facelifted Panamera. Now, it's a known fact that Porsche's sedan isn't exactly pretty, so we're assuming that designers are doing something about that. Although it won't be a complete redesign, the updated Panamera will offer a long-wheelbase version aimed for the Chinese market, along with a likely shooting brake and four-seat cabriolet versions. Because this will be such an extensive facelift and not some simple nip/tuck, a completely redesigned Panamera won't appear for some time. And the product expansion doesn't stop there.

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In 2017, we could also see the reveal of the Pajun sport sedan, which would essentially be a smaller Panamera. Let's also not forget that the 918 Spyder is also currently in development along with the Audi Q5-based Macan small SUV. The latter will be unveiled in two-door form next year. Done yet? Not quite, as the Cayenne will also be treated to (or the victim of) Porsche's continued market expansion with a four-door coupe/fastback version in 2016. Going full circle now back to the 911, we'll be seeing the typical variants arrivie anytime beginning with the Carrera 4, 4S, Cabriolet 4 and 4S.

Other upcoming 911s will include a targa in 2014, a lightweight 911 Clubsport, Turbo and Turbo S, and GT3 and GT2 models. No exact launch dates have been given just yet, but expect them to roll out in similar fashion to those of the previous 997 generation.