Porsche's New Panamera in Action

The updated Porsche Panamera looks better in every way - on paper, at least. Now it gets its groove on in motion.

While there are plenty of good things you could say about the Porsche Panamera, there are also plenty of complaints: it’s too cramped in the back, it uses too much fuel, it’s too ugly. Those are all complaints which Porsche has tried to address with the new Panamera. Revealed just this past weekend at the Shanghai Auto Show, the updated Panamera offers an optional extended wheelbase, a new hybrid powertrain and revised styling that aim to make it more accommodating, more environmentally friendly and (relatively) better looking.

To drive those points home (or some of them, anyway), Porsche has released this two-minute video clip of the Panamera doing its thing. Check it out, and don’t miss the trick spoiler deploying at around a minute twenty.

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