Porsche's New Tires Are Committed To Keeping Classics On The Road

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This is good news for classic Porsche fanatics.

It seems that Porsche is committed to keeping its classic cars on the road. When vehicles get older, finding tires can be a bit tricky. To satisfy the demand for tires on older Porsche models, the company has teamed up with Pirelli to offer 32 tire recommendations for models from 1959 to 2005. These tires are designed to look like the original tires, but have the properties of a modern tire. If you own any older Porsche from a 356 to a 996, you can now keep your car on Porsche approved rubber that will make it look great and handle like a dream.

Why is this so important? Porsche says that 70% of all vehicles it has ever built are still around in drivable condition. With the soaring prices of classic Porsche models, these tires should cater to a pretty large market that continues to grow. We commend Porsche for its dedication to keeping classics on the road and would love to see more manufacturers join in. Now classic car restorers don't have to commission custom tires for their already expensive build.

Brian Henniker / Gooding & Company

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