Porsche's Take on Retro: It's all in a Name

While the Targa’s of old came with a 'screw this roof' attitude, the new 911 is just a convertible with a sexy Italian name.

When Porsche first introduced the Targa (Italian for ‘plate’) in 1967, it was a classic display of the German’s straightforward way of operating: ‘If we want the top down, let’s just take the whole thing off and throw it in the trunk’, they said. Later, they introduced models with sliding glass tops. Again, not the most practical form of transportation, but definitely a hot way of getting around.

With its complex system, lifting the entire rear glass area to stow away the roof, the Targa gains back the sleek profile of its forefathers. But is this worth the risk of complicated, expensive repairs and what is expected to be a hefty price tag? Check out the smoothly operating Targa top and decide for yourself.

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