Porsche Says 911 Will Be The Last Model To Ditch Its Gas Engine

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An all-electric 911 is still a distant thought.

We can still remember the outrage that erupted when Porsche switched over from the air-cooled 993 generation 911 to the water-cooled 996 generation. So what kind of angry mob can we expect when Porsche does something crazy like introduce a 911 hybrid, or worse, an all-electric 911? Fortunately, Porsche has been telling us for a while now that an all-electric 911 is still at least 10 years away.

At the Silverstone 6-Hour race, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, vice president of Motorsport and GT cars for Porsche, confirmed to Drive that electric Porsche sports cars are coming, though they may not wear a 911 badge.

Walliser confirmed that electric GT Series cars are coming soon, even adding that "I would say it's less" than 10 years. Porsche is gearing up to build electric cars such as the upcoming Taycan, but the company wants to make sure that 911 remains gas-powered for as long as possible. "I would say the 911 would be the last car that we would make with an electric drivetrain," Walliser said. "We could say the last sports car will be a Porsche, I would even say the last Porsche ever built with a combustion engine is a GT3. Six-speed manual. Naturally-aspirated."

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Walliser was also asked about the prospect of a mid-engine 911 and even confirmed that there has been customer demand. Some customers have even asked for a road-going version of the 911 RSR race car, but Walliser said the company wouldn't want to ruin the tradition of the rear engine. "A lot of the character of the 911 is the rear-engine, and we are sensitive. In racing we have more freedom, for the streetcar it's tricky." Do you hear that 911 enthusiasts? The car is staying exactly how you like it - gas-powered and rear-engined, at least for now.


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