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Porsche Says 918 Will Always Be Hybrid

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Porsche boss says to forget about the hypercar without batteries.

In speaking with Top Gear, Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz has revealed that the 918 Spyder will never come with conventional power. There will not be a 918 Spyder Clubsport or RS model. Why? Hatz claims there is no need for it. The supercar's hybrid systems are in fact integral to the car's performance. Without hybrid support, says Hatz, the 918 Spyder would be five seconds slower around the Nurburgring even though the electric motors, battery cells and associated tech weigh in at a hefty 341 kg.

Over the next decade, Porsche will focus on plug-in hybrid tech as it "offers the best synthesis between performance and sustainability." All-electric powertrains will come once the range and efficiency of the battery has been significantly improved. And that, the man responsible for the carmaker's R&D says, is still some way off.

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