Porsche Sees Tesla as a Real Threat


Turns out the Model S is attracting some potential Panamera buyers.

In the past, many mainstream automakers wrote off Tesla as just some small start-up trying to make EVs. That was in the past; today is a different story entirely. The Tesla Model S has been a phenomenal success as both consumers and the media alike have raved about its handling, comfort, range and style. In fact, the Model S is so good that it's drawn the attention and even ownership of those who'd normally be shopping for something more conventional, like a Porsche Panamera.

Porsche CEO Matthias Muller is keenly aware of this cross-shopping and he's not pleased about it. Simply put, both the Panamera and Model S fight for much of the same market. Yes, there's the Panamera plug-in hybrid, but it's not nearly as advanced as its pure EV competitor. So, how to counter this? Muller recently stated to a German publication that he has little interest in range extended EVs, and would prefer to see a future EV model with a range of 200-250 miles. If anyone recalls, back in 2011 Porsche unveiled a Boxster EV that had a range of just 107 miles. Obviously that's no longer good enough, but we wouldn't be shocked if the next-gen Panamera spawns a pure EV variant.

Source Credits: www.auto-motor-und-sport.de

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