Porsche Should Fear The Mercedes-AMG GT S For Obvious Reasons

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The butt-engined German sports car has some new company.

Legend has it there was once a gentlemen's agreement between BMW, Mercedes and Porsche executives that the former two automakers wouldn't build a 911 fighter. If this was true then that "agreement" is now null and void. The new Mercedes-AMG GT S is shear proof. Unlike its immediate predecessor, the gullwinged SLS AMG, the AMG GT S is lighter, more compact and an overall better Porsche 911 fighter. In fact, it is the most serious threat the Porsche 911 has ever faced in its entire history. Seriously.

There are many reasons why, and we discuss several in our latest unboxing review video, showcasing the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, the AMG GT S not only looks absolutely stunning inside and out, but it was developed entirely in-house at Mercedes-AMG by racing experts and engineers who wanted nothing more than to build a better high-performance sports car than their domestic butt-engined rival. Porsche enthusiasts decided long ago that nothing will come close to their beloved 911. The rest of us, however, are free to decide on our own without any bias. Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area for letting us shoot the car.

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