Porsche Should Watch Its Back Because The F-Pace Is Gaining Fast


The badass SUV segment is new and heating up fast.

Anyone who thinks that Porsche’s experiment with the SUV segment, which began with the Cayenne back in 2002 and morphed into the Macan by 2014, is little more than a way to pick up a handful of extra sales is dead wrong. In total, the Macan and Cayenne have dominated Porsche sales, making up 63 percent of all cars sold so far in 2016. With numbers like that, it’s safe to say that both models hold up the brand entirely. That kind of rapid expansion is something Jaguar wants as well.

Despite having a line of well-rounded sedans, the F-Pace was a must once shareholder mindful Tata took over. Thanks to icons like the E-Type, Jaguar is a name that carries a lot of weight in the automotive world. However, it was in huge trouble when the Indian auto giant bought it from Ford, so it decided that the company had to perform in order to justify the investment. With a flagship like the F-Type defining the brand, Jaguar got to work on its volume seller, sending the first copies to dealerships in May of this year. As of now, F-Pace sales through November sit at a hefty 1,525, nearly triple the 666 F-Paces it sold in its first month. The general trend line has had an upward slope, easily propelling the F-Pace to the top of Jaguar’s sales charts.

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But is that enough to lay waste to the best car in Porsche’s hand? As it turns out, not quite. The Macan was a strong seller from the get go, reaping in over 1,263 sales the first month it went on sale although things settled down with the Macan going nearly a year selling under 1,000 units per month. Despite some turbulent times, the Macan’s sales numbers have topped 2,000 for the third time ever with a total of 2,054 cars. Still, the initial numbers for the F-Pace, despite a dip in September, have been rising fast, posting better sales numbers than the Macan a month after its release compared to the Porsche’s sales a month after it it went on sale and for six months after. If Jaguar can ride this trend, it’s likely that the F-Pace could soon outsell the Macan.

As lovable as both cars are, Jaguar has historically been the brand with the most sex appeal, so it’s a good thing sex sells. However the Macan is a looker as well and should not be discredited. We can’t wait to see how this battle goes on for either automaker.