Porsche Shows Off How It Makes The Best Paint In The Business


We continue to be impressed by Porsche's incredible attention to detail.

Porsche may not be the only company that lets you paint a car in virtually any color, but it is the company that we think of first when talking about paint-to-sample. This is an option that we absolutely love from Porsche that lets customers choose a completely unique color scheme for their car. PTS is definitely a fun option, but sometimes the Porsche factory knows what's best for its own models. Some of the stock Porsche colors have become legendary, and the company has continued to release new colors that still drop our jaws.

Porsche's latest paint color is a multi-layer coat called Saffron Yellow Metallic. The color gets its name from saffron, a rare spice that takes 20,000 flowers to produce just 100 grams and is harvested by hand. Like its namesake, this new color requires an incredible amount of detail to create.

The color requires four coats: base coat, a gloss clear coat, an effect coat, and a final clear coat. Porsche must also sand the paint by hand between each coat in order to give the color its unique effect. The pearlescent effect comes from the use of mica, which is coated in metal oxides. Porsche has to be so careful when applying this paint job that even spraying the paint in a slightly different direction can cause the color to vary. Saffron Yellow is the latest in a long line of amazing colors from Porsche. We have recently seen amazing colors from Porsche such as Gold Yellow Metallic and Python Green. This new color feels right in line with the rest of Porsche's stunning options list.

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