Porsche Shows Us Why Life Is Hard After You've Been A Race Car Driver


Patrick Dempsey is struggling to adjust to "normal" life.

Life can be a lot different as a successful racing car driver. Patrick Dempsey, in addition to having a successful acting career, has had several wins as a race car driver. Dempsey has an LM GTE Am class victory at the 6 Hours of Fuji, a second place in-class finish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, as well as podium finishes in the Rolex Sports Car Series, American Le Mans Series, and the IMSA United Sports Car Championship. Dempsey has decided to retire from racing to focus on family, which may be harder than expected.

As a farewell to Dempsey, Porsche created a series of hilarious videos that show that life after being a racing driver is really difficult. Take leaving a car at the valet for example. Dempsey is used to fast driver changes to get a really quick head start.

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Even having a meal can be difficult. You certainly don't want to order champagne if dining with Dempsey. As a race car driver, he is basically trained to spray it all over the place at the podium.

Dempsey also has to find out the hard way that "normal" people have to get out of their car to pump gas. In a race, there is always a pit crew ready to fill the car up with fuel. We guess Dempsey will just have to get used to being "normal."