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Porsche Ski Bag Accessory Recalled For Defective Thread

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Seriously, this is really happening.

We're used to more serious automotive recalls than this one. In fact, this barely classifies as an auto recall at all. CNET discovered that late last month, Porsche filed a recall with the NHTSA regarding its branded ski bags. These ski bags are marketed specifically for Cayenne and Macan owners because, duh, those customers like to go skiing. What's wrong with the bags? The straps may have been sewn using the wrong thread. Yes, really. Why is this considered a potential hazard?

Because the thread could fail if there's a crash, sending the ski bag flying towards passengers and driver. It would be painful and, yes, potentially deadly, hence the NHTSA getting involved. One quick solution, just off the top of our heads: install a roof rack. Just saying.

Fortunately, the recall does not affect many people. Only 95 will have to alter their ski trip plans or, as we noted, get that roof rack. Porsche will notify affected owners shortly and will offer to replace their precious branded ski bag for free. Meanwhile, their Porsche vehicles continue to run just fine without any (known) issues.

For any ski bag owners who want to be absolutely sure this recall is for them, the product's part number is 95B.860.811. Considering only 95 people bought these ski bags and over 13,000 Cayennes and 21,000 Macans were sold last year in the US alone, this recall is not exactly one that Porsche executives will lose sleep over.

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But in case you're interested, Porsche USA offers a lot of branded accessories for sale. Doesn't matter if you're an owner or not. Aside from the ski bag, items like Porsche watches, model cars, pens, a golf bag stand, clothing, and iPad cases are available. And no, they're not cheap. That golf bag stand, for example, costs $504. Want a racing outfit for your baby? That'll be $70. Nothing is cheap when it comes to Porsche.