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Porsche Takes The Macan S Into More Exclusive Territory

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One-off show car hints at the possibilities for personalization.

Porsches are hardly what most of us might call "ordinary," but the Macan has taken the manufacturer best known for its sports cars into more ubiquitous territory. Of the 53,116 vehicles it sold in the US in the first 11 months of this year, nearly half – 22,159 – were Macans. So where's a customer to turn if he or she wants something a bit more exclusive?

Porsche Exclusive, that's where. The German automaker's personalization division has turned its attention to the recently updated crossover, giving it a bit more of an individual touch.

The Macan S Porsche Exclusive edition is decked out in a special shade of Volcano Grey Metallic, but that's just the start. It also features a SportDesign package with painted exterior aero components, reprofiled front intakes, a new rear diffuser, an optional sport exhaust system (with silver or black tailpipes), and color-keyed 20-inch Macan Turbo alloys.

The interior's also been upgraded with two-tone black and beige leather, Porsche crests embossed into the headrests, Anthracite Chestnut wood trim with an aluminum inlay, and a Sport Chrono stopwatch in the dash. Like it or not, though, the Porsche Exclusive edition isn't available to order.

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It's a showpiece meant to display some of the possibilities for customizing the Macan. So you could, ostensibly, spec yours just the same – or in any of a number of different ways to suit your personal taste.

It's based not on an all-new model, but a substantially revised one. Zuffenhausen initially rolled out the Macan in 2014, and gave it a facelift for the 2019 model year. It's available with either a 2.0-liter four (rated at 242 hp) or a 3.0-liter V6 (good for 348 hp) – both boosted by a single turbocharger. Expect more potent and focused versions to follow.