Porsche Taycan Demand Far Surpasses Expectations


Demand for Porsche's first pure-electric production model far surpassed the company's expectations.

The pure-electric Porsche Taycan sports sedan has already amassed some 30,000 preorders in Europe since its unveiling in early September, far surpassing Porsche's expectations. The car represents Porsche's first-ever battery-electric production vehicle, powered by a pair of electric motors - one for each axle - that draw their power from either a 79.2-kWh or a 93-kWh battery pack.

Demonstrating an unyielding commitment to performance, the Porsche Taycan took on the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife road course prior to its reveal, posting an impressive lap time of 7 minutes, 42 seconds - a record for production four-door electric vehicles. That's ignited a bit of a Tesla-Porsche performance rivalry, as Tesla has set out to prove that it produces the world's quickest volume production EVs.

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According to Reuters, all 30,000 Porsche Taycan customers have made downpayments of at least €2,500 - about $2,800 USD - and 10,000 of them have submitted a firm order for the car. The battery-electric sports sedan starts shipping to US dealers this month, with other markets to follow shortly.

In the US market, early signs point to the Porsche Taycan posing a legitimate threat to Tesla Motors. Porsche's President and CEO in North America, Klaus Zellmer, revealed this month that Tesla owners represented the greatest share of non-Porsche owners to express an interest in purchasing the Taycan. At present, about half of the interested customers in the US are current Porsche owners.

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In all, Porsche plans to ship some 20,000 Taycans in 2020, meaning that were everyone who has put in a preorder to follow through and buy, the car would be sold out for its first year.

The Taycan will come in four different flavors, at least initially: Taycan Turbo, Taycan Turbo S, and two versions of the more basic Taycan 4S - one with the Performance Battery Plus, and one without. Those four models will deliver peak power outputs ranging from 523 to 751 horsepower. Pricing starts at $105,550 in the US.

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