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Porsche Taycan Already Embarrassing Tesla Model S

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Porsche's first-ever EV hits the track before official debut.

Set to make its global debut on September 4, the long-awaited Porsche Taycan is nearly here. Porsche has spent years testing and developing what will be its first, and surely not last, electric vehicle. While the Tesla Model S started this whole luxury EV sedan segment, Porsche wants to take things to the next level here. One of the Taycan's final tests, a pre-production prototype completed a grueling 24-hour endurance run at Italy's Nardo high-speed test track.

In the span of an entire day, the 592 horsepower Taycan completed 2,128 miles, which is roughly the equivalent distance from Nardo to Trondheim in Norway. With temperatures peaking at a scorching 107 degrees Fahrenheit and a track temperature of nearly 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the Taycan proved its long-distance capabilities in extremely hot weather.

And no, the test was conducted without any interruptions, the sole exceptions being some quick charging stops and driver changes. Porsche assigned six test drivers for the mission. "The Taycan mastered this ambitious endurance run without any problems," said Stefan Weckbach, Vice President of the Taycan product line. "The result achieved in Nardo highlights the advantages of the unique 800-volt technology and its high maturity level. Before the Taycan is launched on the market at the end of the year, we will have covered over six million test kilometers across the globe." Impressive.

And speaking of 800-volts, the Taycan is set to be the first all-electric production car to have this technology, which not only reduces charging time, but also helps to lower weight and reduce the package space for the electric cabling. Porsche utilized 800-volt high-power charging stations during this latest test.

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The automaker also used the opportunity to further try out the thermal management system, which plays a vital role in cooling and heating the high-voltage components in order to prevent power losses. We'll know complete Taycan details in just a couple of weeks, but Porsche adds that in a recent series of acceleration tests, a prototype went from 0 to 124 mph in no less than 26 successive times. The average time was less than 10 seconds and the difference between the fastest and slowest run was a mere 0.8 seconds.