Porsche Taycan And Taycan Cross Turismo Models Get Increased Range For 2023

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The Taycan is still not on par with its rivals from Tesla and Lucid, however.

Porsche has today announced the new EPA-estimated range figures for the 2023 Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo.

Thanks to incremental software improvements, all models boast an increase in range. The 2023 Taycan GTS sedan and GTS Sport Turismo's estimated ranges remain the same, as these models were only introduced in 2022 with the previously mentioned upgrades included.

The increases aren't that impressive, however. Out of the 12-model range, only three were able to achieve double-digit percentage increases. Oddly, these are all Turbo models, which you'd expect to be the least efficient.

We'll start with the base rear-wheel-drive cars. The standard Taycan's range is up from 200 to 208 miles, while the base model with the Performance Battery Plus (PBP) increases from 225 to 242.

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The Taycan 4S, with the dual-motor setup, moves up from 199 miles to 206. Add the PBP, and the range increases from 227 to 235. The Turbo gains 26 miles and is now up to 238 miles on a full charge. The bonkers Turbo S comes with a 10.4% gain, up from 201 miles to 222 miles.

Porsche also released updated figures for the Cross Turismo wagon, which is not available in the base RWD format. The base 4 (dual-motor) is up from 215 to 235 miles, while the more powerful 4S gains 15 miles and is now capable of going 230 miles between charges.

The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo benefits most from the upgraded software, with a 14.2% gain. Instead of 204 miles, it's now capable of traveling 233 miles on a full charge. The Turbo S variant of the wagon is up from 202 miles to 222 miles.


The Taycan GTS is officially the model with the highest range figure, with an EPA estimate of 246 miles. Second place goes to the GTS Cross Turismo on 233 miles.

Luckily, the GTS is arguably the best model in the range. It uses a 93.4-kWh battery that can be charged from 5%-80% in 22.5 minutes at a fast charger. Its dual-motor setup produces 590 horsepower with the launch control activated, which allows it to sprint to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The pricing of the GTS is also more aligned with its main rivals, with the sedan selling for $134,100 and the Cross Turismo going for $136,000.

These models also benefit from the same 2023 model year facelift Porsche introduced in July this year.


While the various increases in the range are welcome, Porsche is still lagging behind its two main rivals. The Tesla Model S with the dual-motor AWD system has an EPA-estimated range of 375 miles, while the bonkers Plaid can complete a 348-mile journey before needing some electrons.

Traditionally, the argument has always been that we'd be willing to sacrifice the range for Porsche's vastly superior build quality. Still, the emergence of Lucid's Air has thrown a spanner in the works.

While Lucid has been struggling with production, there's no denying the Air sets the new standard in the upmarket EV segment. The base RWD Pure offers the same performance and quality as the Taycan but with a 406-mile range. The 1,050 hp Grand Touring can go 516 miles between charges.

Still, it depends very much on how much range each individual requires, and the allure of the Porsche badge is extremely strong.


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