Porsche Taycan "Assassin" Art Car Blends Insects With EVs

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This interesting creation is the work of Swedish artist Fabian Bergmark Nasman.

Porsche is no stranger to the art scene and, over the years, has worked with various artists who create impressive works of automotive art. The latest collaboration has resulted in the spiked Porsche Taycan you see below. Covered in a total of 73 spikes, this contemporary piece is the work of Swedish designer Fabian Bergmark Nasman, who is fascinated with thorns, horns, prickles, and spikes.

Called the "Porsche Taycan Assassin," every single panel of the electric sedan has been covered in spikes of the same shape but different sizes. The spikes appear to grow from the Porsche's bodywork, giving it an organic and natural look.

According to Nasman, the Taycan represents "how we kind of physically respond to something."

fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram

Nasman likens the Taycan Assassin to various insects. "I was looking at this kind of assassin bugs and like [larvae] and the caterpillars. It's just like the characteristics of those creatures are very similar to what we're creating," remarked the artist.

This unique Taycan was part of the Porsche Scopes event, which took place between May 26-28. The EV was dramatically showcased in the middle of a pond and surrounded by grass and flowers. Whether you get it or not, there's no denying the Taycan Assassin is an eye-catching piece of art - social media users seem to love it, too.

It's not the first time a Taycan has served as an artist's canvas, though.

fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram

Last year, Sean Wotherspoon created a Harlequin-style Porsche Taycan Gran Turismo, which features differently-colored body panels. Tasteful pastel hues such as Loretta Purple, Ashley Green, Nash Blue, and Sean Peach were used on the electric wagon. In order to paint the vehicle, the panels had to be removed and painted individually.

Prior to that, Porsche commissioned artist Nigel Sense to create a brightly-colored Taycan to celebrate its 70th anniversary in Australia.

Very soon, the Zuffenhausen-based brand will introduce a facelifted version of its first-ever electric car. While the overall shape remains the same, we can expect subtly revised head- and taillights and a revamped interior. A high-performance version is also touted to arrive in the coming months.

fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram fabianbergmarknasman/Instagram

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