Porsche Taycan Charging Times Halved With New Upgrade

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And the benefits apply to older models as well as the latest versions.

The Porsche Taycan has just got even better with a reduction of almost 50% in charging times thanks to an onboard charger upgrade. 2023 models are already more impressive thanks to increased driving range, but what if you already own an older Taycan? The new, more powerful onboard device will double the power sent to the car and can be retrofitted, so any Taycan model can benefit from the increased charging rates provided. That means you can try to replicate Nurburgring lap records with less downtime between charges if you're so inclined. We were expecting reduced charging times since the middle of the year, but what we didn't know was just how much better the Taycan ownership experience can get.


Current Taycan owners looking for a boost in at-home charging can now get their hands on an AC 19.2 kilowatt onboard charger upgrade which doubles the power when charging via a compatible 19.2 kW capable Level 2 AC charger. This charger is located behind the front trunk area and replaces the existing onboard charger and its wiring system. The new charger upgrade is especially beneficial for 2020 model-year cars because it gives the vehicle the ability to enable Plug and Charge in conjunction with a valid My Porsche account. While the standard charger takes up to 9.5 hours to fully charge a Taycan with a Performance Battery, the new charger will take the Taycan from 0-100% in only 4.8 hours. Performance Battery Plus-equipped cars can now fully charge in 5.3 hours versus the old time of 10.5 hours.


The new charger can be fitted to all Taycan variants and costs $1,850.15, with labor coming in at an estimated 12 hours. New owners can specify the new charging system in the build process by selecting the KB4 option in the configurator. To install the new charger, technicians need to hardwire the charger directly to a 100-amp circuit. The unit is adjustable for direct connection with lower-capacity units, and the Porsche Wall Charger Connect features a five-inch touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity for software updates, which could mean that charging times will be further reduced in the future. When last did your gas-powered car get 50% more efficient overnight?


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