Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Coming Sooner Than We Thought

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It's time for the Taycan wagon.

The world has been blown away by the sheer capability of the Porsche Taycan, a car that's so deceptively quick that its already being crashed by inexperienced drivers, but Porsche hasn't played its entire hand just yet. We are fully aware that the German automaker plans to build a wagon version of its 911-sounding EV Taycan - dubbed the Cross Turismo - and we simply cannot wait.

With SUVs such as the Cayenne and Macan firmly under its belt, Porsche is no stranger to building bulkier cars that offer more interior space than the Boxster and 911, Porsche's more traditional sports car offerings. When Porsche plans on revealing the wagon version of the Taycan remains a mystery, however.

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According to Motor Trend, a source within the company itself has revealed that the release date for the Taycan Cross Turismo is closer than we think. We were expecting the manufacturer to hold off on a release date until 2021 but it appears that the Cross Turismo will make its debut at the end of the year.

We're not complaining however, not by a long shot. The thought of this EV wagon reaching our shores by the end of the year, or at the latest the start of 2021, puts an electrified spring in our step.

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The Taycan Cross Turismo will seamlessly blend the shape of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept car, with the already svelte bodywork of the production car. We don't expect concept features such as the hood-mounted fog lights to make an appearance, but flared wheel arches and a slightly raised ride height should feature.

Whatever it ends up looking like, the same underpinnings from the Taycan sedan, including the all-wheel-drive system, and powertrains, will be used. We hope to see the full 670 hp from the Turbo model to feature, but you can be sure that the base 522-hp powerplant from the Taycan 4S will make the cut.

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Source Credits: Motor Trend

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