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Porsche Taycan Debut Happening Sooner Than We Thought

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The clock is ticking.

Exactly one month from now, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show will be underway and, needless to say, it’s the bi-annual event where German automakers have extravagant displays taking over entire halls in order to show off their newest models and latest technologies. One of the most anticipated debuts is the all-electric Porsche Taycan sedan. However, new information has come to light claiming Frankfurt will not in fact be the official reveal.

Thanks to the folks at Taycan Forum, the Taycan will instead debut before the world on September 4 via live stream at three simultaneous global events, one in Berlin, China, and, of all places, Canada. Why not, say, New York City? It’s a good question we honestly don’t have the answer to at the moment. In any case, former Formula 1 driver and current Porsche racing driver Mark Webber will be on stage for the reveals, which can be viewed here.

It actually does make sense for Porsche to opt for this debut method because Frankfurt, like any major international auto show, is jam-packed full of other debuts which could potentially divert attention. The Taycan is a huge deal for Porsche because it’s the marque’s first-ever all-electric model. Demand is already anticipated to be extremely high as Porsche predicts Taycan sales will easily surpass those of its famed and iconic 911.

Pricing is also unknown at this time, but we’ve heard a starting figure of around $80,000 – still less money than the 992 911 Carrera.

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Like its main competitor, the Tesla Model S, we expect the Taycan to be offered with multiple levels of power and range. A fully-loaded Taycan will easily surpass the $100,000 mark. It’s known that Porsche enthusiasts are still uncertain about the Taycan out of concern it won’t be a "true” Porsche. That’s a fair concern and one Porsche is fully aware of. Webber himself was involved with the Taycan’s development and has assured those enthusiasts this EV is a bona fide Porsche. We’ll know more in about three weeks’ time.