Porsche Taycan EPA Ratings Are Pure Baloney

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The EPA might be sorely mistaken here.

When the EPA finally announced its range estimates for the Porsche Taycan Turbo and Turbo S, the results were not great. The EPA rated the Turbo model at just 201 miles of driving range while the Turbo S faired even worse with a range of just 192 miles. Compared to the Tesla Model S, which offers between 348 and 373 miles of range, the Porsche's estimates are even more embarrassing given its tremendous price premium.

Based on these numbers alone, you might think the Taycan is already dead upon arrival. But we recently had a chance to drive a Taycan Turbo S at our local Porsche dealership and we left with some surprising news about the car's real-world range.

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"269 miles was the max range I saw on it at full charge," a Porsche Orlando employee told CarBuzz. "Even after a number of hard launches on test drives, the range was about 220 or 230 miles." The dealership has had its Turbo S demo car for a few weeks now and notes that the range differs drastically depending on how you drive it. If you were to drive conservatively, the Taycan's range could be even closer to 300 miles. Either way, the dealership is confident that the car could exceed the EPA's range estimates in all but extreme driving situations.

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Other outlets that have driven the Taycan are reporting similar claims that the EPA range is too conservative. So before you write off the Taycan for having a poor driving range, you may want to reconsider. Besides, the Taycan has other benefits including 670 horsepower in the Turbo variant and 750 hp in Turbo S guise. The latter can hit 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds, making it one of the quickest accelerating cars on the market. Even the least powerful 4S model produces 523 hp, though its EPA range has not yet been announced.

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