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Porsche Taycan Factory Will Be Incredibly Eco-Friendly

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Perhaps even more than the car.

It's technically still a concept, yet the all-electric Taycan has already exceeded initial demand, causing Porsche to rethink its initial production numbers. As the production version continues to come into closer focus, more details are emerging about the Taycan's specifications and its build process. You'd think building an electric car would be enough for Porsche to flaunt its green credentials but the German automaker is taking it a step further by building a "Zero Impact Factory." In fact, the assembly plant where the Taycan will be built will be one of the most eco-friendly factories in the world.

To achieve this, Porsche will cover the exterior of the building with titanium dioxide coated aluminum. In simple terms, this coating is able to break down pollutant particles into water and nitrate when it is hit by sunlight. The system is already being tested on an area the size of ten parking spaces, which Porsche says is able to match the work of ten trees. Of course, trees take up enormous amounts of space and take many years to grow, so this solution may provide a quicker and more effective alternative.

"If the evaluation of the results confirms our expectations, nothing stands in the way of the use of nitrogen dioxide-absorbing surface technology on other buildings and areas," says Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board for Production and Logistics at Porsche.

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"Sustainability is a big picture that is made up of many individual elements," explains Reimold. "Accordingly, we constantly think about the measures we can take to be more sustainable across the entire value chain." With these measures in place, Porsche says Taycan production will be completely carbon neutral, which is great news for our environment and owners' conscience.