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Porsche Taycan Looks Close To Production-Ready In New Spy Shots

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Porsche’s first fully electric car has been spotted with production headlights.

Tesla is about to get some stiff German competition in the EV wars. Mercedes will launch an onslaught of new electric vehicles starting with the EQC SUV, while Audi is close to revealing the much-anticipated e-Tron. BMW is also gearing up to launch a range of EVs based on existing models, previewed by the iX3 concept. One of the most anticipated new EVs, however, comes from Stuttgart. Slated to launch in 2019, the fully electric Porsche Taycan could be Tesla's most significant threat yet.

Following official previews and morsels of information released by Porsche, our spy photographers spotted and snapped a Taycan prototype undergoing testing, and it looks nearly production-ready. The front bumper has a lot less camouflage and the prototype also appears to feature production LED headlights, which look as slim as the original Mission E Concept's. We also get a first look at car's distinctive production wheels. Like other Porsche models, the taillights are connected with an LED light bar spanning the width of the car. You can also spot the charging port flap on the front right fender.

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The Taycan is expected to be offered in three flavors echoing the 911 range: the Taycan Carrera, Taycan Carrera S and Taycan Turbo, with an output ranging from 400 to 600 horsepower. Porsche has already confirmed two permanently synchronous motors will drive the wheels, with one motor at the front axle and the other driving the rear wheels. All-wheel drive is expected to be available as standard for all models, but rumors suggest Porsche could launch a more affordable rear-wheel drive version.

High-voltage lithium-ion batteries will provide a range of over 310 miles. Thanks to the Taycan's fast-charging capabilities that take advantage of 800-volt chargers, it will only take around 15 minutes to give the car enough juice to cover 248 miles. Most importantly, the Taycan will drive like a Porsche and even has a lower center of gravity than the 911 thanks to its floor-mounted battery pack. Expect the Porsche Taycan to break cover in mid-2019 before going on sale in 2020.