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Porsche Taycan Spotted With Production Headlights

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Porsche’s Tesla fighter is getting closer to production.

Not long after Porsche confirmed that testing of the Taycan is reaching the final stage, new photos of the electric sedan have been posted by TaycanForum giving us our clearest look yet at Porsche's upcoming electric sedan as it gets closer to production. While Porsche has added some stickers around the headlights to disguise the shape, it's clear that we're looking at the production headlights.

The LED headlights are recessed in the hood and look virtually identical to the Mission E Concept's, with a slim shape that gives the front fascia an aggressive look. The taillights also look like the new 911's, and are connected by a full-width LED light bar. One forum user also digitally removed the stickers around the headlights to show how the final production model will look without any camouflage.

We also get a clearer look at the front and rear bumpers, small rear side windows, and rear fenders. The bumpers look aggressive thanks to a splitter at the front and a massive diffuser at the rear and the fake exhaust tips on previous prototypes have finally been removed. Judging from the car's muscular looks and the fact that it has Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes, there's a good chance we're looking at the range-topping "Turbo" model.

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The Porsche Taycan will make its world debut in September, with deliveries slated to begin before the end of the year. More than 20,000 Taycans have already been snapped up, despite the fact customers haven't seen the finished production model yet. After the Taycan sedan launches, a Cross Turismo shooting brake will follow in 2020.

According to Porsche, two electric motors will produce a combined output of over 600 hp, enabling the Taycan to sprint from 0-62 mph in under 3.5 seconds while delivering a range of more than 311 miles as per the NEDC standard. The 800-volt technology will enable the Taycan to get enough juice for 62 miles with just four minutes of charging.