Porsche Tells Everyone The Correct Way To Pronounce Its Name


Just to clear something up: this is how you pronounce "Porsche" without offending car fanatics.

We've all been there. How many times have you been conversing with your friend, who clearly isn't as infatuated with cars as you, when they incorrectly pronounce "Porsche"? It's one of the great debates among car fanatics. Proper gearheads will know you're supposed to say Porsche with two syllables rather than one, but plenty of people will argue otherwise - particularly in America, it seems. As a car fan, hearing it mispronounced all the time makes your ears bleed.

But then you'll look ridiculously pedantic if you dare point out the errors of people's ways. Well, it seems that Porsche is just as fed up as you are about this important issue. So, to set the record straight, it's released a short and matter-of-fact, yet firmly tongue-in-cheek video lasting only 15 seconds to educate everyone on the proper way to pronounce "Porsche" (its Por-Sher).

So, let that be the end of this debate. If you know anyone who needs to be shown the correct way to say "Porsche," simply direct them to this video. It's on Porsche's official YouTube channel too, so there can be no dispute.

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