Porsche Testing GT3 & Turbo at the Ring

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Porsche isn't wasting time developing the more powerful versions of the new 911, as demonstrated in this spy video captured at the Nurburgring.

The latest Porsche 911 is all well and fine. More than well and fine, actually, leaving little doubt that the 991-generation model is the best one yet. But what enthusiasts are really looking forward to are the more powerful, hardcore versions. With Porsche, you know there will be plenty of more aggressive versions to come, but the next two down the pipeline will be the Turbo and GT3 - two models that take very different approaches to the 911 formula.

One uses turbocharging (a trifecta of spools, according to speculation) and all-wheel drive, while the other sticks with natural aspiration and rear-wheel drive. Rather than develop one and then the other, Porsche appears to be preparing both versions at the same time, and the pair of prototypes have been spotted lapping the Nurburgring in this video clip.

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