Porsche to Unveil New 911 GT3 in Geneva

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The enthusiats' choice of the 911 range set to be unveiled in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

With the launch of the latest 911, Porsche has effectively made the outgoing GT3 obsolete. After all, the new Carrera S is just a third of a second slower to sixty as the old GT3 - and most crucially is just as fast around the Nurburgring - but costs a good twenty grand less. What Porsche performance enthusiasts are really looking forward to, then, is the new GT3. That model, according to the latest reports coming in from Germany, will arrive in a matter of months at the Geneva Motor Show.

While the base Carrrera version of the new 991-generation Porsche sportscar packs 350 horsepower, the Carrera S (pictured in red with optional Aerokit) packs 400 and the outgoing GT3 offers 435, the new GT3 is expected to drive 450 horsepower to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch transmission - a first for the GT3. That would make it as powerful as the outgoing GT3 RS (pictured in white), though still a good 50 horses shy of the limited-edition GT3 RS 4.0, which still stands as the most powerful naturally-aspirated 911 to date. That may just change, though, when the new GT3 RS comes along.

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