Porsche to Unveil New Sportscar in LA

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Porsche announces it will have a new sportscar to unveil in LA in a few weeks... but what is it?

Once strictly a sportscar manufacturer, Porsche has long since branched out from its core competence with crossovers like the Cayenne and sedans like the Panamera. But don't conclude from its expansion that Porsche isn't concerned with sportscars anymore. It still rolls out new versions of the 911 with regularity, produces the Boxster and Cayman, and has the new 918 hybrid supercar on the verge of its first deliveries. But if that's not enough, Porsche has just announced that, at the LA Auto Show later this month, it will reveal another new sportscar.

In making the announcement, Porsche has revealed next to nothing in the way of details on the new vehicle, saying only that it will mark the "world premiere of a compact sports car" and nothing more. From the term "compact" we might surmise that it will be a smaller vehicle than the existing Boxster/Cayman, a rumor which has been floating around for years. Could Porsche be getting back on that track? Hard to say. The only new sportscar that Porsche has confirmed it is developing is the new 961 that is set to take aim at the Ferrari 458 and its ilk, slotting in between the 911 and 918.

Of course Porsche could also be using the term "sports car" rather loosely, indicating the arrival of a new four-door model to slot in below the Panamera. Or we suppose it could mean another version of the 911 to join the Carrera 4 that will be making its US debut at the same show. We'll have to wait and see, so watch this space for more.

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