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Porsche Unveils Five Models For China In Shanghai Following Record Sales

2017 Shanghai Auto Show / 14 Comments

Thanks to strong sales, China is now more important to the German automaker than the American market.

Sorry America, but even though your sports car spending money has been and will likely always be of immense value to Porsche, it's the Chinese market that's currently the most important for the German automaker. Once again, Asia's largest nation has taken a larger chunk of sales as well as a higher rate of growth to become the center of focus for what is now, thanks to crossovers like the Macan, an automaker hitting its growth spurt. To better cater to its customers in China and spur more growth, Porsche has unveiled five models at this year's Auto Shanghai.

Being unpackaged in the mainland at the auto show was the Panamera Sport Turismo, which we first saw In Geneva, as well as the truly insidious 680 horsepower Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which is coming to China exclusively in long-wheelbase Executive guise. Buyers not wanting that sort of corruptible power (because at the end of the day who really needs 680 horsepower in a car that only their chauffeur will drive?) can opt for the third reveal, the 330 horsepower Panamera Executive that spoils its buyers with extra legroom and gorgeous interior amenities but is best left home on track days. Those needing a second car for track work can feast their eyes on the 911 GTS and 911 CT3 Cup racing car.

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These two constitute the fourth and fifth models that are being shown off in China for the first time. The split focus between performance and luxury cars highlights how diverse the Chinese market is. As we know well, legroom is a major selling point in China, but so is electrification as the government attempts to clean its smoggy cities by reducing vehicle emissions one plug-in hybrid at a time. On the other hand, China's class of young elites have a taste for the sort of speed and style supplied by the 911 and the 718 Boxster and Cayman. The SUV boom, which has in no way avoided crossing over the Great Wall, will further bolster sales with the attractive Macan and Cayenne to fill in the gaps.