Porsche Videos To Your Heart's Content

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It's a bunch of videos of Porsche 911s going fast, in short, everything that's right with the world.

Sometimes cool videos come in one at a time. Sometimes we get a bunch of them, all about different things. Well, today we got a whole boatload of videos all pertaining to some form of the Porsche 911. For fanboys like certain of the CarBuzz staff members, this is something of a dream come true. We have Porsches both on the street and on the track, and Porsches racing a variety of other cars, including other Porsches.

The first video is simple enough, it's a new Type 991 911 Carrera 2S up against a V10-powered BMW M6 on the street.

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Now we have a 911 Turbo S up against a 911 Turbo with a PDK transmission. Actually a pretty good way to see how much (or indeed how little) you're getting for all of that extra money you pay for the fancy transmission.

This one will probably spark some debate, a Type 997 Turbo with a PDK up against a Ferrari 458 Italia on the street.

Lastly, we have none other than Hans Dahlback on the track behind the wheel of a 911 GT2 R (Type 997) just blasting past everybody.

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