Porsche Vision GT Spyder Is A 1,300-HP Hypercar With One Seat And No Roof

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And almost anyone can drive it.

Car manufacturers building cool concepts and never putting them into production has to be one of the biggest frustrations of car lovers the world over. But sometimes, there's a caveat to that notion, and it's usually in the form of the Vision Gran Turismo series of concepts that have resulted from the partnership between Polyphony Digital - the maker of the Gran Turismo gaming series - and various manufacturers.

This initiative has led to some cool and crazy digital hypercars from every brand from Audi to Lamborghini, Porsche to Jaguar, and even oddballs like Daihatsu, Peugeot, and Honda. Think of an automaker, and they've likely made a Vision GT concept, even Suzuki made a pretty badass one. But Porsche has now lifted the lid on its second Vision Gran Turismo concept - literally and figuratively - with the Vision GT Spyder.


A roofless, monoposto-style variant of the Vision Gran Turismo from last year, the Vision GT Spyder takes the roof off and positions the driver in the best seat in the house - the only seat in the house.

Curiously, Porsche hasn't made an official announcement other than via its Twitter and YouTube Community platforms, touting the Vision GT Spyder as an open-top concept for the digital world. The good news is that almost everyone can drive one - provided you own a copy of Gran Turismo 7 and wait until September 29 when it's added to the game.


As for technical specs, we assume it mirrors those of the original concept. That makes it an all-electric hypercar - think Porsche Taycan Turbo S dialed up to 11 - with 1,300 horsepower from an all-wheel drive system. Should its specs mirror the coupe, it'll hit 60 mph in 2.1 seconds. Of course, that's all theoretical since the car doesn't exist, and Porsche seemingly has no intention of pulling a McLaren Solus GT and putting the video game concept into production.

Visually, the key difference is the lack of a roof. Instead, the left-hand-drive vehicle has a slim air deflector-style screen ahead of the driver and an aerodynamic nacelle aft of them.


A bold Porsche livery with a racing stripe over the top of what was once the passenger side of the cabin and bold Porsche lettering looks fantastic, and the car appears to have a default "72" emblazoned on each side - a nod to the year in which the first Porsche RS model was built in the form of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. It could alternatively represent the year in which Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche established the Studio F.A. Porsche design arm for projects outside of the motoring scene.

Aside from that, little else is known, but we'll likely find out if there are any other major changes in the coming week before its official in-game launch. While this car won't reach real-world production, the chances of an electric halo car and successor to the 918 Spyder are high. After all, the 718 Cayman/Boxster successor will be electric, and Porsche is still trying to enter Formula 1 based on new rules that will benefit the development of roadgoing EVs.


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