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Porsche Walks You Through Taking The Perfect Driving Line

This is how you can push the 911 R to its limits.

In the fourth installment of “Driving lessons with the 911 R,” Porsche works driver Patrick Long returns with two enthusiasts to show them how to take the racing line and why it’s important. The trio takes the Porsche 911 R onto the automaker’s Weissach testing center to practice keeping the sports car on the perfect racing line through three corners. The first one seems like a breeze, but the other two are a little more difficult. Needless to say, the 911 R is ready to dance in anyone’s hands and has the tech to go extremely fast around a track.

It may be a purist’s car, but it's easy to see how the 911 R's rear-wheel steering makes it able to maneuver around tricky corners with ease. Plus, learning about the proper line to take through a corner will make you a better driver.

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